Country Living’s Build a Business Day

Last month I was lucky enough to be invited up to Bristol to Country Living’s Build A Business Day.  It is designed to give, mainly women, tips, advice and the know how to start their own business.

I met Fiona Davies from WIRE, Women in Rural Enterprise who was incredibly inspiring.  She told me about the networks all around the country set up by WIRE which are there to help women promote and expand their businesses.  I also met lots of the team from Country Living including the very lovely Editor, Suzy Smith and encouraged them to come to Devon to do similar workshops!  Don’t you think this kind of workshop would be brilliant at The Great Barn!

gallery-1469542330-build-a-business-day-704466-previewEmma Sims-Hilditch, an interior designer and Creative Director of Neptune, did a session talking about her amazing business which I sat in before it was my turn!  I was asked to take part, together with Jo and Sacha from Mad Dogs and Vintage Vans who have set up and run a glamping business in Hertfordshire, in the final session, “We Did It!”  Fiona Davies interviewed us and asked lots of questions about our motivation for setting up our businesses, what has been the best bit of advice and worst, how do we juggle all the aspects of running our own business, how do we set ourselves apart from the competitors, how did we cope with moments of doubt.

I talked about both The Great Barn and The Great Event and how I felt much calmer and so much more relaxed about The Great Event as I know now that you can plot and scheme, worry and write spreadsheets…generally over think things, but nothing is better than actually setting up the business and letting it take shape, probably a very different shape to the one you had imagined.

Afterwards I met a mum who’s son had married in the Barn and a couple of really nice women who were looking to set up businesses both making beautiful crafts for favours and for styling bits for weddings.  They are going to keep in touch and I’ll give them as many pointers as I can.

So all in all a very lovely day, surrounded by really inspiring and exciting women. I’d love to hear from you if you have your own business and how you are coping with juggling every day life with the stresses and strains of running a company.

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