Festoons, Balloons & Bunting

Today’s inspiration comes from things that adorn and float and flutter and generally give happy vibes to a wedding or celebration. We’re talking festoon lights, big fat balloons and our ongoing love of bunting.

We’re huge fans of decorating with strings and strings of beautiful things. Lights that twinkle and give a delicate glow to an evening dinner party. Balloons, which in our humble opinion, have come a very long way since the ‘classic wedding arch’. And last but not least, the miles and miles of bunting – we will never tire of its happy, flappy personality and the way it can transform an empty space into a party atmosphere.

festoon lighting, light bulbs, party lighting, strand lighting, string lighting, party lightsSource – Couple, Stationery, Table, Outdoors

balloons, balloon arch, helium balloons, wedding decor, event hireSource – Aisle, Bride, Arch, Table

bunting, streamers, ribbons, wedding decor, event hireSource – Photos, Pennants, Streamers, Reception

We’ve added more on our Pinterest page too, and we’d love to hear from you with all your decorative ideas for festoons, balloons and bunting!

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